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House Healing

Does your house feel negative, have a heavy feel to it?

Do you wonder if it may be haunted? 

Perhaps your home needs to be cleared of old stuck
energy left over from years of different people inhabiting the home. 

A house healing helps set the energy of your home to your vibration so your
life space is more in affinity with you, or the energy can be set to a neutral 
vibration to help you sell it.




(This photo was taken from a house our team worked on. Before beginning the Healing we  caught a possible apparition on the patio that can be seen clearly in the glass. During the time of this photo there were no reflections in the glass, and no one standing on the patio.)




A team of healers will visit your house  to clairvoyantly read the energy and communicate with any spirits.





(Before the Healing, notice the many orbs)






Once the house has been cleared and healed, your home will become a more positive environment to live in.






(After the Healing)  






Cost is $50.00 for a house healing at the Windswept Center (bring a layout of the house with you!) or $100.00 for an on site healing in your home.

House Healings



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