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On this page you will find all services and classes offered by The Windswept Center. Click the title links to find out more about each one.

Our Readings and Healings can be ordered from their individual pages, just click the link to the one your interested in. Our Classes and Programs can be ordered on their individual pages or directly from this page.



Our readings give you the information
and answers you are seeking. 



Our Healings heal relationship and physical issues that free you.


Our classes are an inexpensive way to open doors to finding out who you are, what your intuitive abilities are and how to heal yourself and others. 


Our Programs are for the serious student with a love for learning about ‘things’ outside of the physical realm. 







Click the title links to learn more and/or to order the Reading of your choice. 

Reading and Healing Session                   

      Relationship Readings                                        Aura Readings

      Couple Readings                                                   Long Distance Reading

      Past Life Readings                                                Akashic Record Reading

      Compatibility Reading                                          Your Life Blueprint Reading
      Topic of Your Choice Reading                           Psychic Fair & Party Readings 

      Who are the Spirits Around You?                      Future Life Readings
      What is Your Main Purpose this Lifetime?       Am I on my Path
      Human Design System Reading                        Email Readings  

      Group Past life Readings   

Relationship Readings

Long Distance Reading

Past Life Readings

Akashic Record Reading

Compatibility Reading

Friday Psychic Readings 

      Relationship Readings                                        Aura Readings

      Relationship Readings                                        Aura Readings

Your Life Blueprint Reading

Topic of Your Choice Reading

Future Life Readings

What is Your Main Purpose this Lifetime?   

Email Readings 

Group Past life Readings  



Click the title links to learn more and/or to order the Healing of your choice.

Professional Healings

-Aura Chakra Balancing

-Chakra Gland Healing

-Cellular Healing

-Genetic Healing

-The Seven Aura Layers



Remote/Distance Healings  

Quarter Turn Healing 

Intuitive Release Therapy 

Spiritual Healings

-Soul Retrieval

-Christ Force Healing 

Other Healings

-Family Healings

-Relationship Healings

-Couple Healings/Counseling   

Healing Tune Up Clinic 




-Using Your Clairvoyance  

-Recognizing Signs and Symbols

-Your Many Faces

-Tune Into Your Intuition  

-What is Karma

-Are you Psychic

Choose Your Class


-Numerology: Volumes I and II -Parents & Children Program -Parent & Child Suppo


-Ending Karma 

 -A Trip to the Akashic Records -Karmic Arena -Out on the Astral Plane

- Learn How to do Pendulum Readings

-Creating this life's Blueprint

-Your Past Lives   


Choose Your Class



Foundation Program
Clairvoyant Program 7-12
Clairvoyant Program 1-6
Spiritual Healing Program
Kundalini Energy


Energy Healing Program
Peeling the Onion Program
Womans Healing Program
Teachers in Training program


Special Programs

-Accessing & Reading the  Akashic Records
-The World of Chakra's
-Your Soul Vibration Color
-Soul Groups Soul Connections
-Going out on the Astral-The Astral Plane
-The Aura-Our Human Energy Field 

Special Programs



Medium School

-You Are A Medium The Journey of Opening  to the Other Side

Your Are a Medium


Other Programs

The Art Of Fortune Telling Series

Invoking Your Inner Power(prerequisite)


Developing Your Psychic Abilities 

Choose Your Class



Past Life Program

Past Life Program

Tap into Your Own Past Lives 
Past Life Regression

Tap into Your Own Past Lives

 Past Present Future Life Program

Past Present Future Life Program

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Upcoming Events

Thursday, Jul 27 at 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Friday, Jul 28 at 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Wednesday, Aug 2 at 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Friday, Aug 4 at 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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