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When we are ready to live another human lifetime we decide what we want to learn, and experience and we chart it out. We plot and plan what we want to do and even learn. We choose the people we want to interact with. Parents. Our significant other. Children. Friends. Foes. And whoever else we wish to have in our life in whatever role we choose. These blueprints detail out everything we want to experience and accomplish in our human lifetime.

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"This reading is very detailed. I start at your birth and let the blueprint unfold in front of me.
I tell you what your main purpose is this lifetime as well as past lives influencing this one. I've seen as many as 5 past lives at different periods of life that are affecting the lifetime.
I tell you about the contracts you have with the people in this life and why. Some of these people will be people you’ve interacted with in past lives. I also ask to see some of the future in this lifetime to give people insight into the entire ‘plan’ they want to accomplish. This is an amazing reading of the journey of a soul."

- Vickie Parker




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